Lack of constitution does not mean legal vacuum: Mujahid

Lack of constitution does not mean legal vacuum: Mujahid

KABUL: The Islamic Emirate spokesperson said that the absence of a constitution does not mean there is a legal vacuum in the country.

Two and a half years of Islamic Emirate rule have passed without any constitution in the country, and the Islamic Emirate spokesman said that having a constitution is important; however, Islamic Sharia has specified everyone’s duty in the society.

“We are not in any legal vacuum, Islamic Sharia is a comprehensive law which specify duties for everyone,” said Zabiullah Mujahid.

Law experts on the other hand consider the establishment of a constitution the most important job of a government, adding that the absence of law will lead to inconsistent dealings with similar issues.

“Now, the rule of law might be ten kinds in ten districts of the country, it means people’s issues will be dealt with differently, which is indeed a legal vacuum. A government should have a single law applying to all,” said Muhammad Zaman Muzamel, a university lecturer.

“The constitution is mother of public laws. The constitution should be the source of other small laws in the country,” said Zakiullah Muhammadi, a university lecturer.

The Islamic Emirate has suspended Afghanistan’s previous constitution and said that they are working on a new one, but details of the process have not been made public yet.