Lahore, with AQI 393, ranked as world’s second most polluted city

Lahore, with AQI 393, ranked as world’s second most polluted city

LAHORE, NOV 05 (DNA) — There is no respite from smog for the people of Lahore as the city, with the air quality index (AQI) recorded at 393, was ranked as the second most polluted city in the world on Sunday. The AQI over Fida Hussain Road was recorded at 481.

Similarly, it was 462 over Phase-8 in DHA, 368 over Shimla Paharri and 464 over Syed Maratab Ali Road. Doctors, on the other hand, advised people to take precautionary measures by avoiding travelling unnecessarily, and use facemasks if travelling was inevitable.

Weathermen, on the other hand, forecast dry weather for the provincial capital during the next few days, thus considerably minimizing chances of any relief for residents of the city as it will be due to rain that dust particles suspended in the air will settle down and the smog will be over.

The Met Office predicted that maximum temperature in the city would reach 29 degrees Celsius later in the day while it would be 16 degrees Celsius on the minimum side in the early hours on Monday.

On the other hand, smog in neighbouring India, especially over capital New Delhi, has become a threat for Pakistan. According to the images and report released by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), 740 per cent increase has been noticed in the incidents of burning of crops’ residue, especially in parts bordering Pakistan.

Indian media, on the other hand, have said that there is no chance of smog getting thin in the next two days. 

The situation had come to such a pass in New Delhi on Thursday that an emergency had to be imposed in the city.   Intense smog in the Indian capital has also made the teams participating in the Men’s Cricket World Cup worried as they can’t practice in nets let alone playing matches in an extremely polluted environment. The smog has forced the International Cricket Council (ICC) to assess the situation. — DNA