ISLAMABAD, AUG 23 /DNA/ – A meeting of the Liaison Committee of Federal Directorate of Education held at Islamabad Model Postgraduate College of Commerce(IMPCC) H-8/4 on Monday, August 23, 2021. The meeting was chaired by Professor Muhammad Naeem Dar Principal IMPCC H-8/4. The members who attended the meeting were Ms. Sadia Adnan Director Academics FDE, Professor Sualeha Jabeen Principal IMCG(Postgraduate) F-7/4, Ms. Aliya Durrani Principal IMCG F-6/2 and Mr. Tahir Mahmood, Associate Professor IMPC H-8 Islamabad. The Liaison Committee of FDE is the main channel for communications between Quid-i-Azam University and ICT Colleges. In this session different academic affairs and various issues of ADP and BS students were discussed. The discussion was focused on various courses, online exam issues, admission of BA/B.Sc students in 5th semester, bridging semester and credit hours issues. Moreover appointment of new chairman after retirement of Professor Muhammad Naeem Dar and induction of new members in the liaison committee was also discussed.