Life after the lockdown


  • Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has halted the world as we know it. The world of business and trade has to face serious repercussions. While some companies across the world have begun laying off their employees, many have announced a cut in salary. All this is happening ever since the world went under lockdown. The virus raised havoc across Europe especially in Italy and Spain among others. However, the COVID-19 showed the world the unstable health infrastructure of the United States of America.

 Many Americans are unable to pay the hefty price of getting treatment. The COVID-19 has also revealed the credibility of nations.

 Italy, with a GDP of nearly $1.9 trillion, could not stand tall against the COVID-19 as it spread havoc across the country. Italy reported its first two deaths on February 22, 2020. However, Italy reported 793 deaths on March 21 alone.

The intensity by which the COVID-19 spread across Europe was unprecedented. Similarly, the United States of America could not fathom the COVID-19, obviously because of the slow response by its authorities and mainly because of the ignorance of their President. Jen Kates, director of global health and HIV policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation said, “Everyone working in this space would agree that no matter how you measure it, the US is far behind on this.”

 The average American may not consult a doctor for any sort of treatment because of the high bills associated with it. The COVID-19, in reality, was a death note for such Americans.

The world has changed drastically. With the employees now working from home and students too taking classes online, the Internet infrastructure present across the world has been sustaining the load of data transfer.

 In these changing times, one wonders how people will react to once the lockdown ends. The environment has become clearer and purer ever since the humans went into isolation. Will we have a shift in our collective consciousness and appreciate what we took for granted before the lockdown? Or will we resume our life as if nothing happened?

 The life after the lockdown will be different for many.