“Light Up Gwadar” Project in Pakistan launched 



Islamabad, June 22 (): Light Up Gwadar” livelihood Project in Pakistan, has been formally launched, Gwadar Pro reported.

It will significantly enhance the nighttime lighting in essential public facilities such as hospitals and schools in the area. The Chinese Consulate General in Karachi recently implemented the project.

The initiative involved the presentation and installation of 73 solar-powered streetlights, which were entrusted to relevant Chinese-funded enterprises for execution.

All streetlights have been fully installed and are now operational, covering five key locations in Gwadar: the fishing pier, fishing boat berths along the waterfront promenade, the seaward exit of the East Bay Expressway and the local hospital. 

This development has brought immense convenience and security to local residents and fishermen, who now enjoy improved nighttime accessibility and workability.

The project received widespread praise from all sectors of Gwadar society, with residents expressing gratitude for the improvement in their daily lives. 

The timely completion of the installation just ahead of Eid-ul-Adha celebrations on June 16 added a festive touch to the community.

Solar-powered streetlights are expected to provide long-term benefits, reducing reliance on fossil fuels for lighting and contributing to environmental sustainability. 

They also represent a significant step forward in improving infrastructure and providing basic services to the people of Gwadar.