Literary Culture Event ‘Lalezar-e Sar-e Pol’ Held in the Northern Province

Literary Culture Event 'Lalezar-e Sar-e Pol' Held in the Northern Province

KABUL, APR 23: A literary and cultural program named Lalezar-e Sar-e Pol has been launched by the Department of Information and Culture of this province.

The event, attended by poets, writers, local officials, and youth, was held to strengthen literary and cultural programs in the province.

Abdul Ghafar Haqnama, head of Sar-e Pol’s Information and Culture, said: “We are striving to revive and develop this culture; if it does not flow, our Afghan customs and traditions will also cease.”

Malik Baluch, the head of Culture and Tourism at the Department of Information and Culture of Sar-e Pol, also said: “The Department of Information and Culture has initiated this program for poets and writers until the end of the year to encourage them.”

This cultural and literary program has been set up in the verdant Shor Hill, located 10 kilometers from the provincial center of Sar-e Pol, which in these spring days, is filled with tulips.

Participants of the program call for the ongoing initiation of such events and support for cultural activities in the province.

Safiullah Nadim, a poet, said: “This secret will turn into a whisper to the world, darling, tell me if the fault is mine or the tears.”

Abdul Hai Alami, a poet and writer, expressed: “I hope that serious attention is paid to the organization of such programs so that our culture can grow. With the growth of our culture, we can introduce ourselves nationally and internationally.”

Bismillah Adib, a participant, said: “Such programs should be recorded in the works of writers and poets.”

According to local officials, around 70 types of flowers bloom in the plains and hills of Sar-e Pol province each spring, and the literary and cultural program of Lalezar-e Sar-e Pol has been celebrated in this province for many years.