Lockdown will be further relaxed in coming days: PM Imran


ISLAMABAD (DNA) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has on Monday said the coronavirus lockdown will be further relaxed in the coming days as standard operating procedures (SOPs) based on precautionary measures have been prepared for all sectors.

While addressing a parliamentary party meeting, the premier stressed that the federal government is taking steps to provide relief to all classes because it is the need of the hour to serve the nation by keeping aside political differences.

“It is the best time for all the public representatives to serve people. Benefits of reduction in petroleum prices must be provided to all, therefore, assembly members should keep a check on rates with the help of administration.

“The members should work together with the authorities to ensure implementation over the official guidelines and mobilize the youth to counter the pandemic.

“Assembly members should form teams in their respective constituencies to help the needy and ensure that SOPs are followed in all mosques.

“I am aware that everybody is working in individual capacity, but we have to perform like a team under current circumstances. We shall successfully overcome COVID-19 through unity and discipline.”