Major Renovation at Islamabad Model College for Boys I-8/3

Major Renovation at Islamabad Model College for Boys I-8/3

ISLAMABAD, JUN 23 (DNA) — The Ministry of Federal education & Professional Training has initiated a major renovation and development project at the Islamabad Model College for Boys I-8/3. The college staff have expressed their gratitude for these essential improvements, which began at the start of the summer vacation. The project’s objective is to enhance the learning environment and overall infrastructure of the college.

The renovation includes repainting all classrooms and improving the college’s appearance. New rooms are being constructed, and the college auditorium is undergoing extensive refurbishment. Upgrades to the washroom facilities involve new sanitary installations and tiles. A filtration plant is also being installed to provide clean drinking water for both students and staff. A state-of-the-art computer lab with forty advanced computers is being established, along with the creation of seven smart classrooms.

 Science labs are being outfitted with modern equipment, ensuring students have access to the latest technology and resources. The ministry is also focusing on student health and fitness by adding an infirmary and an open gym. The college library is being transformed into a state-of-the-art facility, offering a comprehensive range of resources for academic needs.

 The cafeteria is set for a makeover, and a new waiting area for parents and students will be constructed at the reception.  The junior section, catering to grades 1 to 5, will feature colorful new furniture to create a vibrant learning environment for young students. Additionally, the basketball court is being renovated, and sports facilities are being expanded to promote physical activities among students.

Faculty members and the principal have extended their thanks to Education Secretary Mr. Muhayyudin Wani and Chairman of the Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Mr. Junaid Akhlaq for their personal interest in this transformative initiative. A teacher at the college remarked, “Once the renovation is complete and the missing facilities are addressed, students will benefit from an exceptional learning environment that will enhance their academic performance and learning experience.” — DNA