Malicious campaign against the SSGC condemned

Malicious campaign against the SSGC condemned

ISLAMABAD, JAN 21 (DNA) — This is with reference to recent news items circulating in electronic, print and social media concerning Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) and its Board. Petroleum Division condems the malicious campaign against the SSGC, its Chairperson and its Board of directors.

Dr. Shamshad Akhter along with the Board members has successfully led the organization since her initial appointment in 2019. Under her visionary leadership, SSGC has achieved significant milestones in crucial areas such as upgradation in the technology, improvement of business operations, Human Resources, policy formulation, discipline, Risk Management and significant reduction of Unaccounted-for Gas (UFG).

The Chairperson and Board members work as a team and decisions are taken based on collective wisdom and consensus of the Board. The Board have contributed significantly to Budgetary systems, Audit, Finances, UFG strategies etc.

It is noted with satisfaction that the UFG in Sindh province has been decreased from 15% to 7%, which is a testament to the effective approach of the management and the SSGC Board, especially the Chairperson of the Board.

The Board has strictly been involved in the Policy & strategic decision making and delegates the implementation to Management team. Since its formation, the Board has been steadfast in pursuing an agenda of HR and institutional reforms, recognizing their critical role in the transformation of SSGC.

The institutionalization of high quality performance assessment and results-based accountability is underway to meet the expectations of stakeholders. The New Employment Handbook has been developed under the oversight of the Board, approved and is under implementation.

In recognition of her professional dedication and unwavering efforts, the Government had nominated Dr. Shamshad Akhter for another tenure as Chairperson of the Board of Directors for which elections will be held.

The Petroleum Division fully supports and reposed its trust in SSGC, its board and Dr. Shamshad Akhter, Chairperson of the Board in all legal, governance and financial matters. As a public sector listed company, negative reporting impacts the confidence of private shareholders and the dedicated employees of SSGC.

It is kindly requested that the media reports on such matters with a positive perspective, considering the substantial achievements under Dr. Shamshad Akhter’s leadership and the collective efforts to contribute to the growth of the energy sector in Pakistan. — DNA