Maryam’s excellent performance puts an end to Imran Khan’s craze


Mumtaz Ahmed Bhatti

Maryam Nawaz, the daughter of former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif,

has emerged as a prominent figure in Pakistani politics. Her tenure as Chief Minister

has been marked by a relentless focus on performance and a commitment to solving

the pressing issues faced by the people of Punjab. Maryam Nawaz's leadership style

can be characterized by a strong emphasis on performance and results. Upon

assuming office as Chief Minister, she swiftly shifted her attention towards addressing

the long-standing challenges faced by the people of Punjab. One of her notable

achievements has been the establishment of a cleanliness campaign aimed at

improving the overall sanitation and hygiene standards in the province. This initiative

reflects her proactive approach to governance and her commitment to enhancing the

quality of life for citizens.Maryam Nawaz has been instrumental in breaking the cycle of

political vendettas that often plague Pakistani politics. She has prioritized governance

over personal animosities, focusing on delivering tangible benefits to the people rather

than engaging in political score-settling. This shift in approach has garnered her

widespread support and trust among the populace, leading to a steady increase in the

people's confidence in her leadership abilities.Under Maryam Nawaz's leadership,

Punjab has witnessed a series of impactful initiatives that have had a positive impact on

the lives of its residents. One of the standout programs introduced by her is the Air

Ambulance Service, which has revolutionized emergency medical services in the

province. This initiative has been particularly beneficial for residents of remote areas

who previously faced challenges in accessing timely healthcare facilities.Maryam

Nawaz has placed a strong emphasis on women's empowerment through various

programs. The provision of scooties to women for commuting to offices and educational

institutions has been a game-changer, enabling greater mobility and independence for

women across Punjab. Her administration's efforts to deliver medicines to patients at

their doorsteps have been widely praised for improving healthcare accessibility,

especially for vulnerable populations.In addition to these initiatives, Maryam Nawaz has

also focused on infrastructure development, including the establishment of field

hospitals in remote areas. These facilities have been crucial in providing healthcare

services to underserved communities, showcasing her administration's commitment to

inclusive development.Maryam Nawaz's tenure as Chief Minister has not only yielded

significant developmental outcomes but has also had a positive impact on the political

landscape of Pakistan. The performance-driven approach adopted by her has enhanced

the reputation of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) among the populace,

positioning the party as a credible force for governance and progress.Despite political

differences with the ruling party in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Maryam Nawaz's

administration has displayed a spirit of cooperation and empathy by providing relief

goods and field hospitals to the people of KP affected by natural disasters. This gesture

underscores her commitment to serving all citizens irrespective of political affiliations,

further solidifying her image as a leader focused on welfare and inclusivity.Maryam

Nawaz as Chief Minister of Punjab has been characterized by a strong focus on

performance, welfare, and inclusivity. Her leadership style, marked by proactive

governance and a commitment to addressing the needs of the people, has resulted in

tangible improvements in healthcare, women's empowerment, infrastructure, and

overall governance in Punjab. Her ability to bridge political divides and prioritize the

welfare of all citizens has contributed to the positive perception of the PML-N and has

established her as a leader capable of navigating complex challenges and delivering

meaningful change.