Massive decrease in ghee and cooking oil prices

Massive decrease in ghee and cooking oil prices

ISLAMABAD, MAY 19: In a welcome relief for households across Pakistan, the prices of ghee and cooking oil have seen a significant drop over the past month.

Consumers can now purchase Brand A and Brand B cooking oil and ghee at notably lower prices, according to the dealers association.

Brand A cooking oil has become cheaper by Rs 75 per liter, now retailing at Rs 525. Similarly, Brand A ghee has seen a reduction of Rs 25, also priced at Rs 525 per kg.

Meanwhile, Brand B ghee and cooking oil are now available for Rs 380 per liter, following a Rs 70 price cut.

This price reduction comes as a silver lining amidst broader economic challenges. The State Bank of Pakistan, in its half-yearly economic review report, has projected an inflation rate of 23 to 25 percent for the current financial year.

However, the report also brings optimism, forecasting a steady decline in inflation over the next six months. If this trend continues, the inflation rate could drop to as low as 5 to 7 percent by September 2025.