May 9 vandalism: Candle light at Radio Pakistan held


PESHAWAR, May 09 (APP): The students of different educational institutions on Thursday visited Radio Pakistan Peshawar which was set on fire by the rioters on May 9 last year and organized a candlelight there.

The students of government and private schools expressed solidarity with the staff and management of the national broadcaster and staff of the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP). APP’s Office located on the fourth floor of the PBC building was also ransacked and set on fire by the violent mob on May 10, 2023.

On Wednesday morning, the students assembled at Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation’s (PBC) Sir Shahibzada Abdul Qayyum auditorium where they lit candlelight in a bid to remove the worst memories of the May 9 events. They strongly condemned the ransacking of PBC, APP Offices, Govt and security installations and demanded strict punishment of the culprits, facilitator and abetters.

A student of Army Public School Peshawar, Wajihullah Khan said that May 9, 2023 was the blackest day in the country’s history as on this day the rioters attacked PBC, APP, Jinnah House, Govt and national monuments that earned a bad name for the country.

He said the attack on PBC and APP Offices was an attempt to silence the media and deprive people of education and credible information.

Other students including Mudassir Ali and Ajlal Shah said that it was heartbreaking to see the burnt building of the national broadcaster today with piles of ashes and broken windows and doors.

The rare drama and music scripts and tape recorders of the national broadcaster were also burnt down at the attack. They said such incidents were highly deplorable and demanded strict punishment of the culprits and facilitators so that no one could dare to do such illegal acts in future.

Earlier, the school children reached Radio Pakistan Peshawar on Thursday morning with candles and flower wreaths. They raised full-throated slogans of Pakistan Zindabad and Pakistan Army Zindabad.

The national anthem was played and special prayers for the progress and security of the country were offered.

The students were shown the burnt building of Radio Pakistan by the PBC authorities and briefed on the unfortunate events of 9th May. They also expressed solidarity with PBC Peshawar staff on this occasion.