May 9th incidents condemnable: Atif Ikram Sheikh

May 9th incidents condemnable: Atif Ikram Sheikh

ISLAMABAD, MAY 8 /DNA/ – President Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Atif Ikram Sheikh has strongly condemned the events of May 9 and said that the business community stands in solidarity with the Pakistan Army. We pay tribute to the services of Pakistan forces and the proud spirit of martyrdom for Pakistan. The efforts of the Special Facilitation Council (SIFC) to bring investment to the country are commendable, he expressed these views while addressing a meeting of the business community.

President Atif Ikram said that on May 9 last year, Jinnah House, sensitive installations, government and private properties were vandalized and surrounded by fire, and the country’s prestige was damaged at the international level. The economy is badly affected by incidents like May 9, so a plan should be made so that these incidents cannot be repeated in the future.

President FPCCI Atif Ikram said that Pakistan forces are our pride due to which national defense is in strong hands. Therefore, the Pakistan Army is working shoulder to shoulder with the government to improve the economic conditions. All stakeholders should come together on sensitive issues against the national interest so that these incidents can be avoided in the future.