MCI fully geared to tackle COVID 19: Mayor


ISLAMABAD, May 11 (DNA): Mayor of Islamabad Shikeh Anser Aziz has urged people to exercise all precautionary measures in order to keep safe from Coronavirus disease.

In his special message the Mayor further said that the best way of avoiding this disease is to stay at home and avoid meeting people unnecessarily.

He said the MCI has taken all measures in this regard in collaboration with the district administration due to which negative impact of virus in the Capital has successfully been contained.

Mayor Sheikh Anser further said the virus is an extra ordinary phenomenon and therefore needs extra ordinary steps.

He further said fight against this deadly disease can only be fought with the help of people therefore citizens are requested to help MCI and other relevant depts.

He said the best way to help is to regularly wash hands, use sanitizers and keep social distancing. He expressed hope that people will listen to his plea. DNA