Meet the Members: APNS committees for 2024-25 revealed

KP and Balochistan Press Unite: APNS committees set to uphold media standards

KARACHI, APR 3 /DNA/ – The President, Nazafreen Saigol Lakhani and the Secretary General, Sarmad Ali of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society have appointed Mr. Shahab Zuberi to head the Annual Award Committee as Chairman for the year 2024-25 and Dr. Waqar Yousaf Azeemi as Chairman Periodical Press Committee of the APNS for the year 2024-25.They have also appointed Ms Fauzia Shaheen to be Chairperson of Women Publishers Committee for the year 2024-25.

            Annual Awards Committee

1​          Mr. Shahab Zuberi​                        Chairman                 ​Finance Secretary

2          Mr. Adnan Faisal                           Vice Chairman         Monthly Brands

3          Mr. S.M. MunirJilani                     Member                   Joint Secretary

4          Mr. Khurram Hussain ​                  Member                   Daily Dawn

5          Mr. Irfan Athar                              Member                   Daily Tijarat 

6          Mr. Mohsin Bilal                            Member                   Daily Ausaf

7​          Mr. Usman Mujib Shami               ​Member                   Daily Pakistan                      ​

8​          Mr. Bilal Mahmood ​                      Member​                   Daily Nawa-i-Waqt

9​          Mr. Mohsin Seyal                          Member                   Daily Aftab

10​        Ms. Uzma Zia Rizvi                      Member                   Daily Jang

11        Mr. Faisal Zahid Malik                  Member                   Daily Pakistan Observer

            Periodicals Press Committee

1          Dr. Waqar Yousuf Azeemi            Chairman                 Monthly Roohani Digest

2          Mr. Aamir Mahmood                    Vice Chairman         Monthly Khawateen Digest

3​          Ms. Fauzia Shaheen ​                    Member                   Monthly Dastak

4​          Mr. Ansar Mahmood Bhatti          Member                   Monthly Centre Line                        ​

5​          Mr. Riaz Ahmed Mansuri              Member                   Monthly Cricketer

6​          Ms. Rukhsana Saulat Saleemi     Member                   Weekly Nikhar

7​          Sardar Khan Niazi                         Member                   Monthly Naya Rukh

8​          Prof. S. B. Hassan                        ​Member                   ​Monthly Invest. & Marketing

9          Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi       Member                   Monthly Naey Ufaq

10        Mr. Adnan Faisal                           Member                   Monthly Brands

11        Mian Fazal Elahi                           Member                   Monthly Diplomatic Focus

12        Mr. Jamal Abdul Nasir                  Member                   Weekly Khursheed Jehan

Women Publishers Committee

1          ​Ms. Fauzia Shaheen​                     Chairperson​             Monthly Dastak

2          Mrs. Rukhsana Saulat Saleemi    Vice Chairperson     Weekly Nikhar

3          Ms. Zahida Abbasi ​                       Member​                   Daily Nau Sijj.

4​          Mrs. Shahela Abbasi ​                    Member​                   F/ Ibrat Magazine

5​          Mrs. Azra Rasool ​                         Member​                   Monthly Jasoosi Digest

6          Mrs. Saba Yousufi                        Member                   Daily Aaj

7          Ms. Hasina Jatoi                           Member                   Daily Moomal