Miftah sees salvation in structural changes


KARACHI, Mar 11 (DNA): Miftah Isamil, political maverick belonging to
Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, advised structural changes in the country
for any progress while mentioning that popular leaders, including Imran
Khan and Nawaz Sharif, would not be able to make the state of affairs

He said any popular leader from the political parties or martial law
would not make the country prosper unless the roots of the problems were

About his future in electoral politics, Mr Ismail added he decided to
stay away from politics. The former finance minister headed the economic
ministry under the PDM government and he was sacked in September 2022
when Ishaq Dar made an entry into the country to resolve the country’s
economic issues, however the situation became worse.

He said all had ruled Pakitan, from Asif Ali Zardari to Nawaz Sharif and
from Shehbaz Sharif to Imran Khan however, the living standard of the
people did not improve. He cited “inflation” as the worst challenge
afflicting the country while saying the economy would remain in tatters
unless long-term reforms were not adopted.

He said no particular party would sweep the elections while mentioning
the PML-N would “definitely not sweep the polls”. He also acknowledged
Imran Khan as huge following in the public, while mentioning the PPP
would find it difficult to contest elections in Punjab because of less
followers in the province.

He said he would vote for PML-N in the polls, but also highlighted he
would refrain from casting vote in the case of no suitable candidate
from the party.

He said there was no competence in all major parties. Leaders of all
parties only made efforts to become the prime ministers but no focus was
paid to the sufferings of ordinary Pakistanis who had less income or no
job. DNA