Minister, HEC Chairman inaugurate pathogen conference

Minister, HEC Chairman inaugurate pathogen conference

ISLAMABAD, OCT 16 /DNA/ – Federal Minister of National Food Security & Research, Prof. Dr. Kausar Abdulla Malik and Chairman HEC Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad inaugurated the ANSO-PAS-MAAP Conference on Pathogen Transmission beyond Borders: Understanding the Complexities of Cross-species Infectious Diseases Federal Minister of National Food Security and Research and Chairman HEC inaugurated the ANSO-PAS-MAAP conference on Pathogen transmission beyond borders: Understanding the complexities of cross-species infectious diseases on 16 October 2023.

To accentuate the intricate dynamics of pathogen transmission between species and across the geographical boundaries, a three-day ANSO-PAS-MAAP Conference on Pathogen transmission beyond borders: Understanding the complexities of cross-species infectious diseases was jointly organized by Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS), Alliance of International Science Organization (ANSO), and Monbukagakusho-MEXT Alumni Association of Pakistan (MAAP) on 16 October, 2023 at the Auditorium of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences.

Over the course of three-day conference, a consortium of Forty (40) distinguished scholars, including International & National renowned converged their collective expertise to deliberate upon the imperative facets of cross-species infectious diseases. Additionally, a total of Thirty Six (36) meticulously curated posters will be presented spanning an array of thematic explorations centered around the pathogen transmission beyond borders.

A cohort exceeding 450 academicians, esteemed scientist, researchers, and postgraduate scholars hailing from both national and global academic landscape have registered to partake in the intellectual discourse encompassed by this conference via physical and virtual presence.

 The conference’s findings and recommendations, with profound academic and scientific significance, were shared with national and international bodies actively engaged in the pivotal sphere of diseases surveillance and mitigating the potential ramifications of pathogen transmission across the borders and other related challenges.

Prof. Dr. Tasawar Hayat (Secretary General of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences, extended a warm welcome to the Chief Guest, distinguished scientists, notable speakers, and participants. In his address he elucidated the pivotal role played by the Academy in enabling the intellectual endeavors of Pakistani academicians, scientists, and researchers.

Specifically, he underscored the Academy’s commitment to fostering cutting edge research and development across diverse scientific disciplines, with far reaching implications in critical domains such as healthcare, energy, technology and beyond.

The event was honored by the presence of Distinguished Chief Guest H.E. Prof. Dr. Kausar Abdulla Malik Federal Minister of National Food Security and Research enlightened the audience about the importance of the issue that the event addresses.

He further added that the inter specie pathogen transmission is a silent but powerful force that impacts not only the stability of entire nations but also the health of people, and understanding the complex dynamics inter-specie pathogen transmission is not just a scientific endeavor but also a mission that requires the collective efforts and collaboration and commitment at global scale. He accoladed the efforts of event organizers for putting their efforts in organizing such an important event.

Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad (Chairman HEC) talked about the significance of event theme. In his discourse he discussed about the impact of zoonotic infections including different viruses and how this platform serves the purpose of knowledge sharing and public awareness.

He emphasized on the incorporation of unconventional and innovative methods to deal with the pathogens that are emerging in more diverse ways. He admired the efforts of event organizers and collaborative institutions.

During the inaugural speech, Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood Khan (President PAS) extended his congratulations to the collaborating institutions and the dedicated organizing team for their commendable endeavors in organizing this event. He also addressed the audience, shedding light on recent outbreaks instigated by the transmission of pathogens across international boundaries.

Prof. Dr. Zabta Khan Shinwari (President MAAP, National Distinguished Professor and Professor Emeritus, QAU, Islamabad, Convener of the Conference), delivered the keynote speech.

During his address, he expressed his gratitude to the PAS, ANSO and HEC for their collaborative efforts in orchestrating this significant event. In his discourse, he emphasized the advancements and enhancements evident in research endeavors pertaining to inter-specie pathogen transmission at domestic and global landscape.

Dr. Muhammad Ali, Focal Person of the Conference and Principal Investigator of the ANSO Project on Bats viruses, talked about the ongoing project where a myriad of viruses including coronaviruses, influenza viruses, flaviviruses and adenoviruses have been detected from bat guano samples.

He discussed the use of noninvasive methods that have been incorporated in the research for the molecular identification of bats. Furthermore, he shed light on the limitations and the impact and contributions of the research findings in the surveillance and optimization of protocols used in the research for bats virome detection.