MoHR enhances regional directorates’ capacity for labour & human rights initiatives


ISLAMABAD, Jun 06 (APP):The Ministry of Human Rights is working to develop and strengthen the institutional capacities of Regional Directorates to enhance their performance in core functions, including labour rights and integrating a human rights-based approach to development, said an official here on Thursday.

He emphasized the importance of establishing connections with key provincial stakeholders to gather data on legal, policy, and administrative interventions, as well as budgetary allocations for human rights.

Talking to APP, he said that this initiative would support effective strategic planning and reporting on UN Human Rights Treaties and GSP Plus.

He also emphasized that this initiative would improve the human rights situation in the provinces by enhancing the institutional capacities of Regional Directorates (RDs) through adequate provision of human and financial resources, enabling them to fulfill their mandates effectively and independently.