Mohsin Naqvi tipped as new Interior Minister


ISLAMABAD, MAR 06 (DNA) — Renowned for his exceptional leadership as the former caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab and current Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Mohsin Naqvi is poised to take on the role of Federal Interior Minister while maintaining his position at the helm of the PCB.

Insiders familiar with the matter reveal that Naqvi is anticipated to secure a Senatorial position before assuming the ministerial role, adhering to legal provisions that allow for 25 percent of ministers may be appointed from the Senate.

Known for his close ties with both the Establishment and the PPP, Mohsin Naqvi enjoys a special bond with PPP Co-Chairman and anticipated President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, who affectionately refers to him as his son.

During his tenure as Chief Minister of Punjab, Naqvi earned praise for overseeing day-to-day affairs with unwavering diligence and honesty, according to well-placed sources. His multifaceted experience and relationships make him a promising candidate for the crucial role of Federal Interior Minister while continuing to contribute to the world of cricket as the Chairman of PCB.

Insider information suggests that the Cabinet’s oath-taking ceremony is anticipated to transpire post the presidential elections. It has been disclosed by reliable sources that the deferment of the oath-taking event was instigated by a specific request from Asif Ali Zardari.

According to these sources, Mr. Zardari expressed concerns regarding potential shifts in support from certain allies, should they not secure portfolios aligned with their preferences. His foresight led to the strategic decision to delay the ceremony, demonstrating a calculated approach to ensure sustained backing from crucial allies. — DNA