MoIC: Japanese ambassador says time for interaction with Kabul has come

Japanese ambassador says time for interaction with Kabul has come

KABUL, FEB 20: Ambassador of Japan to Kabul, Takayushi Kormaya, in a meeting with the acting minister of Information and Culture, said that the time for the world’s interaction with Afghanistan has been reached and steps must be taken forward in this area, according to the ministry.

According to officials in the MoIC, Takayushi Kormaya also said that Japan wants good relations with Afghanistan. 

“In the meeting the ambassador of Japan said that as the time has been reached, the world must interact with the Islamic Emirate. He also highlighted the achievements of the Islamic Emirate and said that the Islamic Emirate has good achievements in various sectors,” said Haqmal Zia, the deputy minister of Information and Culture. 

“The Islamic Emirate should also adopt correct and logical policies. Interaction with the world is inevitable and we cannot live on an island and not have any kind of relations with the world,” said Salim Paigir, a political analyst. 
According to Haqmal Zia, the deputy minister, the cooperation between Kabul and Tokyo in the field of historical monuments was also emphasized. 

“There has been a war in Afghanistan for decades, and historical places and monuments have been damaged, and there is a need to have a big process in this area. Japan ensured their willingness to cooperate in this area,” he added. 

Japan has maintained good relations with the Islamic Emirate after it came to power, but so far no country has recognized the Islamic Emirate.