Monthly meeting of Floral Art Society organized at Serena


ISLAMABAD, JAN 23 (DNA) – The Flora Art Soceity of Islamabad held its monthly meeting at Serena Hotels on Thursday. This months program was in keeping new trends towards recycling titled “Trash to Treasures”.

Wiqar-un-Nisa Boolani presented very innovative arrangements using recycled martial and demonstrated to the members how interesting exhibits can be created by using old newspapers, magazines, pieces of wood and wood shavings and the nsides of tissue rolls in combination with flowers and foliage.


It was indeed floral artistry with a twist, spreading the need to incorporate flowers with recyclable materials.

The exhibits produced indeed did justice to the title of the program. It is the floral societys endevours to create an awareness to the usage of trash and how to transform it in to beautiful arrangements.

The members throughly enjoyed the program with new ideas.=DNA