Moroccan govt to build mosque in Park Enclave


ISLAMABAD, MAR 24 (DNA) -: Moroccan Government will Build   a mosque in the CDA Project Park Enclave -I.  In this regard, the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs had forwarded a request of Moroccan Government through its Embassy  to the CDA. The Moroccan Government will construct this mosque as token of brotherhood and cordial relations between the governments and people of both countries.

The mosque would be  built on Moroccan style and would be a masterpiece. The CDA has already allocated 11 kanals of land in the Park Enclave -I for the construction of  mosque.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs   has asked the CDA to identify the site to for the mosque and provide site possession, as well as the title and other details for the construction of the mosque so that Moroccan Government could be informed.  The mosque will be sign  of brotherly relations  between the two countries.=DNA