Much-anticipated WhatsApp feature under development


Meta-owned WhatsApp is the go-to app for users to share a number of photos or videos with their friends and family in just a few seconds.

The instant messaging app keeps updating its features to make the experience for its users hassle-free. Even though users can easily send media, they worry about the quality and whether it will be compressed while sending photos.

WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature that will allow users to send photos in their original quality, WaBetaInfo reported Sunday.

This new feature will be considered a major update and will improve the user experience when sending images for the beta version of the desktop.

The feature is under development and is not yet ready to be released to beta testers, as per WaBetaInfo. 

“The feature will allow users to send images in their original quality, preserving their resolution and clarity. This is a great improvement compared to the current image compression that occurs when sending images. People will no longer have to worry about their images losing quality or resolution when sending them,” said that app-tracking website.

With this feature, users will be in control while sending images as they will have the option to send the photos whether in their original quality or using the standard compression method.

This would be useful to those who wish to conserve storage space as this will remain the default option.

The feature will be released in the future update of the app as it is still being developed.

Recently, WhatsApp introduced a new feature for its users allowing them to send up to 100 photos at a time. The app increased from 30 to 100.

This new feature is being released for some beta testers, however, WhatsApp plans to release it to more users later.

“This feature makes it easier for the beta testers to share their albums with their friends and family,” said WaBetaInfo. This feature is also being released to some iOS beta testers.

To see if this option is available within your app, you need to open the media picker and select over 30 photos/videos. If you are able to select more than 30 media, this means that this feature is accessible to you and you can select up to 100 images and videos.