Mushaal expresses concerns over deteriorating health of husband

Mushaal expresses concerns over deteriorating health of husband

ISLAMABAD, FEB 16 (DNA) — Special Assistant to Prime Minister for Human Rights and women empowerment, Mushaal Hussein Mullick has vociferously condemned Indian authorities’ inhumane behavior towards her husband, Chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik.

She said that Yasin Malik’s health deteriorated to an alarming level after he stopped taking medicines in protest of inhuman behavior of authorities for their delaying tactics to take him to the hospital for proper medical treatment, despite court orders.

Mushaal said that the expired and outdated pacemaker implanted in him had now gone ineffective, endangering his life. She said that In addition to his heart problems, Yasin Malik was also suffering from kidney ailment. She further said that according to confirmed reports his body weight had also dropped to a great extent, which was a great cause of concern.

She said that just two weeks ago, his mother had approached a court in Delhi to draw the court’s attention towards the deteriorating health condition of her son and over concerns of the lack of interest of the authorities towards his health. In her plea to court, his mother also expressed her readiness to bear the expenses of her son’s treatment.

Mushaal said that her husband Yasin Malik worsening health condition and court orders demanded that Yasin Malik should have been immediately transferred to the hospital and kept there under the supervision of doctors until his full recovery. She said that Yasin Malik was taken to a government hospital in Delhi on February 13 only after his condition deteriorated to an alarming level.

She said that despite the court orders to keep him under supervision in hospital, authorities brought him back to the jail after just a routine medical checkup.She appealed International human rights institutions to intervene so that the precious life of the most popular pro-freedom political leader of the people of the Jammu Kashmir was saved.

She further emphasized that the resilient people and leadership of Jammu and Kashmir cannot be intimidated or subdued through false and fabricated cases, nor by employing heavy-handed and inhumane tactics. — DNA