Nadim criticizes foreign intervention in Afghanistan’s Affairs

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KABUL: The acting minister of higher education, Neda Mohammad Nadim, criticized what he called as the interference of countries in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

Speaking at a madrasa (religious school) graduation ceremony in Kabul, Nadim pointed out that foreign countries use excuses and unfounded criticism to try and paint a negative picture of Afghanistan for the world.

The acting minister of higher education noted that foreign countries want to prevent the implementation of Sharia principles in the country under the name of human rights.

“Sometimes they criticize the hijab, sometimes they criticize stoning, and sometimes they criticize the expression of Islamic rites, and it is the responsibility of the scholars to be careful, and you [the scholars] confront all that is unjust, misguided,” Neda Mohammad Nadim further stated.

Meanwhile, the chief of staff of the Islamic Emirate, Qari Fasihuddin Fitrat, said at the ceremony that US tried to destroy madrassas (religious schools) in the country during its twenty years of presence in Afghanistan.

“Their [America’s] main and important goal was to fight against madrasas (religious schools), to destroy madrassas, and to insult and humiliate madrassas and students, under various titles,” Fitrat noted.

However, some religious clerics criticized the misuse of the Islamic Emirate’s name by some people and urged the current government to prevent this.

Nearly 140 students graduated from Imam Abu Hanifa Madrasa in the 29th graduating round.