Naqvi reveals ‘wife owns properties not only in UK


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Lahore: dAfter property leaks under the “Dubai Unlocked” project sent shockwaves across the country, Interior Minister Senator Mohsin Naqvi revealed on Thursday that all of his properties — which he and his wife owned for over a decade according to him — were “declared” with relevant authorities as there was nothing new in the leaked property records.

Naqvi — who is holding multiple portfolios in the incumbent government, Minister for Narcotics Control, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman and a senator — revealed that his wife has owned properties not only in Dubai but also in the United Kingdom (UK) for over a decade.

He gave a detailed response to the Dubai leaks in a press conference in Lahore today after the leaked property records named several prominent personalities in Pakistan, including government officials, politicians, military generals and other individuals.

He criticised that it was right of the national media to report major developments but a wrong impression should not be created that someone owned properties via illegal means or did not declare it before the relevant authorities.

The OCCRP’s Dubai Unlocked project revealed data of thousands of Pakistanis, including more than a dozen retired military officials and their families, as well as bankers, bureaucrats and others, who own properties in upscale Dubai areas.

The former caretaker Punjab chief minister clarified that he was not even a public officeholder 10 to 12 years ago but he owned many properties. He added that records of the properties he owned could easily be found through his particulars submitted to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Commenting over the Dubai leaks, Naqvi, who is also known as a media mogul as he owns a media group in Pakistan, claimed that all of his properties were on record and “declared” but an impression was created that he owned them via unknown sources of income. He added that he reserves the right to decide on making investments in the country or abroad.

Slamming the makers of the Dubai leaks, the security czar said that he has a private life but they were declaring his lifetime earnings illegal. He said if someone “owns illegitimate properties then they are most welcome to create an issue”.

He further said that the report sans data of “thousands of other people who owned properties there [in Dubai].” It seems that the report targeted specific personalities, he added.

Naqvi also demanded an inquiry against those people who did not declare their properties abroad or have illegitimate possessions.

He expressed sorrow over the trend of branding successful businesspersons “thieves” and vilifying doing business in the country.

The federal minister said that he would continue to focus on delivering his services with positive thinking regardless of any kind of criticism.

Responding to a query regarding Ali Amin Gandapur’s threatening remarks, Naqvi said that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) chief minister “is a sensible man and he may have delivered a political statement”. 

The interior minister added that a sensible individual can never think about taking over a government building.

Yesterday, KP CM Gandapur threatened to take over the state-owned power distribution firm, Peshawar Electric Supply Company (Pesco), if the issue of loadshedding was not unresolved.

Naqvi, however, said if someone “thinks about seizing control of a state-owned installation then the issue will be handled accordingly”.

Regarding the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) situation, Naqvi said that funds worth Rs23 billion have been handed over to the region’s government. Responding to criticism for not visiting the AJK, he said that those who were criticising him for not visiting AJK should read the 18th Amendment.