Nation won’t accept ‘Selection Plus’ as Nawaz already declared as PM: Asad Qaiser


Vows PTI to continue just struggle for supremacy of law, constitution despite all odds
Urges caretaker govt to provide level playing field, let people decide their fate

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) senior leader and former national assembly speaker Asad Qaiser strongly condemned the reign of terror unleashed on the PTI leaders and workers, saying that they could not be petrified and terrified by implicating them in false and politically motivated cases and subjecting them to reprisal actions.
He vowed that they would continue their just struggle for the supremacy of the constituency and upholding rule of law in the country despite all odds.
In a statement issued by the PTI Central Media Department, PTI senor leader made it clear that the nation would not accept the “Selection Plus” come what may; hence it would be better to let political parties provided with level playing field so as people could choose the leader of their choice freely.
Nawaz Sharif had already been declared as next Prime Minister, so who would recognize such a premier, he asked.
Asad Qaiser lamented that PTI was being subjected to retaliatory actions and coercive measures in order to scare its leaders and supporters; however, he asserted that they would not back down from their just struggle of making Pakistan a truly independent state.
He asked that if the caretaker government wanted to hold free, fair and transparent elections in the country. PTI senior leader questioned did the caretaker government want to give a level playing field to all the political parties ahead of the general elections in the country.
Asad Qaiser pointed out that the entire world was watching that this was not a free and fair election rather it was a “Selection Plus”, which no one would accept.
He demanded that PTI should be provided a level playing field, as they were not afraid of the cases, which, they would face in the court of law.
PTI senior leader urged that an atmosphere of free, fair and transparent elections should be created and the decision of electing their leader should be left to the people of the country.
“Have some mercy on this country and the nation, as we are all Pakistanis and want to work for this betterment and progress of the country,” Asad Qaiser added.
He went on to say that the role played by PTI Chairman Imran Khan to give a respectable position to Pakistan in the comity of nations was not hidden from anyone.
Asad Qaiser held out assurance to the people that they would continue their struggle for progress and prosperity of the country and upholding the rule of law.