National food security budget proposed to be increased by over Rs3bn

National food security budget proposed to be increased by over Rs3bn

ISLAMABAD, JUN 8 /DNA/ – The government has decided to significantly boost the development budget for the Ministry of National Food Security in the upcoming fiscal year, allocating an additional Rs3.71 billion. This increase will see the food security budget rise from Rs8.85 billion to Rs12.56 billion.

The new budget allocation includes funds for both new and ongoing projects aimed at enhancing the country’s food security. Specifically, Rs1.95 billion have been earmarked for 13 new food security projects, while Rs10.61 billion will be dedicated to the continuation of 21 existing projects.

Foot-and-Mouth Disease Control: Rs400 million have been set aside for the initial phase of a project aimed at controlling foot-and-mouth disease in animals, which will have a total cost of Rs4.15 billion.

Waterways Improvement: A major project with an overall budget of Rs47 billion will receive Rs4 billion next year to enhance waterway infrastructure.

Olive Cultivation Promotion: Rs1 billion will be invested in promoting olive cultivation on a commercial scale.

Employment in Agriculture: A new project designed to increase employment opportunities in the agricultural sector will be allocated Rs700 million.

Water Storage in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Rs600 million will be used for a water storage project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Trout Farming: Rs200 million have been allocated to support trout farming in the northern regions.

Cotton Production Improvement: A new project aimed at improving cotton production will receive Rs190 million.

Seed Quality Track and Trace System: Rs127.8 million has been allocated to implement a track-and-trace system to enhance seed quality.

Animal Disease Monitoring and Treatment: Rs100 million will go towards the monitoring and treatment of various animal diseases.

Locust Emergency Management: Surprisingly, Rs10 million have been allocated to a project worth Rs4 billion intended to address locust emergencies.

This budgetary increase reflects the government’s commitment to bolstering the country’s food security infrastructure, addressing critical agricultural challenges, and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.=DNA