National Foundation Day of Korea celebrated in Islamabad

National Foundation Day of Korea celebrated in Islamabad

DOAM, Korean embassy commemorate 40 years of diplomatic ties with photographic exhibition

ISLAMABAD, OCT 27 /DNA/ – The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Islamabad has celebrated the National Foundation Day and the Armed Forces Day of Korea as well as the 40th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Pakistan.

The National Foundation Day ceremony was held at the residence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea and attended by the Minister for Planning, Development & Special Initiatives Muhammad Sami Saeed, as the Chief Guest while  Murtaza Solangi, the Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting, and  Kamran Tessori, the Governor of Sindh.

Addressing the audience, the ambassador of the Republic of Korea said that Pakistan is channeling all its vigor towards national progress. Korea, with its wealth of experience and technological advancement, stands ready to support and partake in Pakistan’s endeavors. He mentioned that Korea is committed to fostering a partnership that reaps mutual benefits, ensuring our combined strengths produce greater results. The Korean embassy, too, is dedicated to this shared vision.

He mentioned that he seeks continued support and goodwill as they embark on this new 40-year chapter of collaboration between Korea and Pakistan.

The Envoy further stated that since 1983, the bond between both countries has deepened and diversified, spanning areas from politics and economy to culture and collaborative development.

He said “As we reflect upon our shared journey, it is essential to not only value our past accomplishments but also to set our sights on a future filled with bright new promises. Our aspiration should not be limited to the current status of ‘friendship and cooperation’, but should aim to elevate it further, creating a bond that stands strong through time and challenges”.

Meanwhile, An exhibition showcasing ’40 Years of Diplomatic Relations between the Republic of Korea and Pakistan’ was organized on Friday by the Department of Archeology and Museum (DOAM) in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea.

In the opening session, notable speakers were Park Kijun, the Korean Ambassador, a representative from the National Heritage and Culture Division in Islamabad, the Executive Director of the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation (KCHF), and Dr. Abdul Azeem, the Director General of DOAM.

The exhibition’s purpose was to commemorate the 40-year diplomatic relationship between Pakistan and the Republic of Korea.

During his address, the Joint Secretary of the National Heritage and Culture Division emphasized that the longstanding friendship and cooperation between Pakistan and South Korea, developed over four decades, had resulted in substantial advancements in their bilateral relations.

He highlighted that Pakistan and Korea both had a shared interest in ensuring a peaceful and prosperous South Asia and had worked together in various multilateral forums.

He stressed the broad spectrum of cooperation between Pakistan and Korea, encompassing areas such as cultural heritage.