No ‘Formal Border’ between Afghanistan and Pakistan, says Noori

No ‘Formal Border’ between Afghanistan and Pakistan

KABUL, JAN 28: Taliban Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs, Noorullah Noori, made a statement during his visit to the Torkham crossing, addressing the border situation between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Noori emphasized that Afghanistan does not have an officially recognized border with Pakistan, and instead, there exists a “hypothetical line” between the two nations.

In a released video, Noori highlighted the lack of clarity regarding the border’s demarcation, underscoring the absence of a defined zero point.

Noori’s remarks shed light on the ongoing tensions that occasionally arise along this hypothetical line and the efforts of the Taliban authorities to manage and resolve these conflicts.

Prior to this statement, both countries experienced a prolonged blockage of all common crossings for cargo vehicles, resulting in significant financial losses for traders and investors.

Noori’s visit and his comments draw attention to the complexities of border issues in the region and the need for a diplomatic resolution.

The situation at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border remains a critical concern, with the “hypothetical line” continuing to be a focal point of discussions and disputes between the two nations.

Recently, tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan have escalated due to various factors. These include allegations from Pakistan regarding the presence of TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan) members on Afghan soil, concerns about Pakistan’s alleged support for ISIS in Afghanistan, the blockage of the Torkham border crossing, expulsion of Afghan refugees and skirmishes between the forces of both parties.

These issues have contributed to a complex and strained relationship between the two neighbouring countries, with security and border concerns at the forefront of their diplomatic challenges.