No opposition as Imran Khan once again becomes PTI chairman


–Says ‘will give Islamabad march call in few days’

–Pakistani Rulers have fear of US action like Russian Oligarchs

ISLAMABAD, JUN 08 (DNA) — Former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday was elected Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman for another term.

Khan was elected unopposed by the PTI’s National Council that met Wednesday to elect central and provincial office-bearers. Former Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi was elected vice chairman. Asad Umar was elected secretary general.

Addressing the council, Imran Khan called upon its party members to be prepared for the party’s upcoming protest march towards Islamabad, “the date of which,” Khan said, “would be announced very soon.”

Imran Khan said the incumbent government is allegedly doing delimitations to benefit themselves in the upcoming general elections. He said the main object of elections is to elect competent people who can run the country. Democracy is based on meritocracy, not on imperialism.

Pakistan’s history shows the country was ruled by dictators and then by two families, he added. Criticising PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the former prime minister said, Bilawal did a long march towards Islamabad when Rs4 per litre was increased by his government.

 Where is he now when the fuel prices have been jacked up by Rs60 per litre? Imran Khan has said that Pakistani corrupt rulers have a fear of the USA action like the Russian Oligarchs.

He said sitting rulers have billions of dollars outside Pakistan and are following the foreign agenda just to save their assets as they have a fear of the USA’s action like Russian Oligarchs against them if they would not follow the American Agenda.

Imran Khan said the sitting corrupt rulers are following the USA agenda in Pakistan just to save their foreign assets. In the ruling tenure of the PTI government, the petrol was jacked up by Rs55 per litre, but the ‘imported government’ has raised its prices by Rs60 in just 15 days, he was quoted.

 He asked the masses to get ready as he will give a call for ‘Haqiqi Azadi March’ in a few days. He reiterated his resolve that the government was ousted over a ‘foreign conspiracy. The rulers came into power only to give themselves relief from the corruption cases. “Celebrations were held in Israel and India over the ouster of PTI government.”

Recalling the worst shelling and torture over the participants of the Azadi March, Imran Khan said his government did not stop anyone from doing a long march towards the federal capital, neither hurdles were created. “Fazlur Rehman, Bilawal did long marches towards Islamabad, but PTI government did not stop them.”

Imran Khan said Pakistan is facing two biggest problems currently one is loadshedding and the other is a shortage of irrigation water. The country is facing the worst inflation in its history. The PTI chairman appreciated four journalist anchors facing oppression from the sitting imported government.

Imran Khan said no one has a faith in the Election Commission as everyone has objections to the delimitations. He said the sitting government has discredited all institutes including NAB, and FIA as the rulers have appointed their blue-eyed to save themselves in the corruption cases.

He said he will give a call of protest soon against the government so the masses should remain prepared for it. He also called a party leader to present a special condemnation resolution against India for the act of blasphemy from the rulers.