Omar demands impartial inquiry into brutal killing of two PTI workers

Omar demands impartial inquiry into brutal killing of two PTI workers


ISLAMABAD, MAR 8: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Secretary General Omar Ayub demanded an impartial inquiry into the brutal killing of PTI’s two workers Mohsin Khan and Hasan Zia, who were cruelly martyred in district Shangla, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) while peacefully protesting against the daylight polls robbery.

Addressing a press conference along with PTI MNAs Shandana Gulzar Khan, Shahid Khattak and others, PTI Secretary General said that PTI’s workers Mohsin Khan and Hasan Zia were brutally martyred and they would raise voice against this gruesome act of barbarism on the floor of the house.

“I appealed to Chief Minister Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Ali Amin Gandapur to order impartial inquiry into the brutal killing of the Insaf Student Federation (ISF) members so as to bring the culprits to justice,” he added.

Omar Ayub emphasized that PTI founder Imran Khan always told them to keep their struggle continue for the supremacy of the constitution and rule of law come what may.

He went on to say that the country could only be pull out of the deepening quagmire by adhering to the principle of the supremacy of rule of law and constitution.

Omar Ayub recalled that during his first speech on the floor of the house, he stressed the need for the restoration of rule of law in its true spirit.

Speaking on the occasion, PTI MNA Shandana Gulzar said that it was very painful chapter as Pakistan was being turned into Kashmir and Palestine. However, she added that even situation in Pakistan was more painful because Pakistanis were being killed at the hands of own people.

She stated that the way the two innocent PTI’s ISF’s members were killed it clearly reflected the level of fascism and barbarity, who were directly shot at their heads.

PTI MNA lamented that virtually the constitution was buried as articles 15, 16 and 17 of the constitution gave them the right to free speech.

She revealed that PTI workers were shot at their heads directly besides injuring 12 others, who were protesting peacefully against the polls robbery, adding that even if these martyrs were of PPP and PML-N, it was equally condemnable because they were also Pakistanis.

PTI MNA stated that the only crime of these two martyred youth was that they were protesting against the daylight polls robbery and to get form-45, adding that the reign of terror was unleashed only to secure the victory of PML-N’s candidate Amir Muqam, who was clearly losing his seat.

She said that PTI Chairman-for-life along with thousands of party leaders and workers were unlawfully detained in various jails across the country.

On the occasion, PTI MNA Shahid Khattak said that PTI youth leader Murad Saeed laid the foundation of ISF under the vision of Imran Khan to provide future leaders to the country, resultantly today there were several ISF members elected for National Assembly and provincial assemblies.

He said that two ISF members were brutally martyred to create fear so as they could not come out to guard their votes.

However, Shahid made it clear that the power-wielders could not deter them through such coercive measures come what may.

PTI MNA demanded that KP government should order judicial inquiry into the tragic incident and made the police, ROs and others involved in the gruesome act of barbarism an example so as no could ever dare to commit such crime again. 

Speaking on the occasion, PTI North President Seemabia Tahir said that the policy of “divide and rule” was no more workable, as the killers of these two youth should bear in mind that now the entire nation was on same page and they would not tolerate the policy of “divide and rule” and operation and suppression anymore in any part of the country.

She made it clear that it was not the youth of KP but of entire nation and they would strive together to bring the culprits to book because their sole crime was to hold a peaceful protest to get back their stolen mandate, adding that the blood of their children was not so cheap; hence the responsible and criminals involved in the barbaric act would be held accountable at all costs.