Omar Iftikhar’s new book, Player AI, launched

Omar Iftikhar's new book, Player AI, launched


KARACHI, JUN 9: Muhammad Omar Iftikhar’s latest book, and his second work of science fiction, Player AI, has been released. The novelette, published by Daastan Publishing, uniquely intertwines cricket and technology, set against the backdrop of the T20 Cricket World Cup. The story begins when the captain of the Pakistan cricket team falls ill just months before the tournament. In response, the Pakistan Cricket Alliance (PCA) introduces “Player AI,” an android replica designed to emulate the captain’s every move. The narrative explores themes of artificial intelligence, consciousness, identity, the ethics of technology, and human-machine interaction.

Commenting on the book, Syed Ommer Amer, Founder and CEO of Daastan Publishing, said, “We take pride in bringing unique voices like Player AI to mainstream media through our platform. It is high time that the Pakistani industry moves beyond cliche themes of marriage and divorce to explore new genres in storytelling. Omar’s four books, published with us, are a testament to this. I am excited to see how the audience will interact with this masterpiece that combines cricket and AI.” Mariam Arif, Editor-in-Chief of Daastan Publishing, added, “Muhammad Omar Iftikhar has brilliantly introduced AI into cricket in his latest book, Player AI. It’s a unique, fast-paced novelette and a real page-turner. It’s refreshing to see Pakistani authors develop unique ideas, and Omar is at the forefront of this trend. Player AI is perfect for kids and adults who share a love of cricket.”