On UN Peacekeepers Day, PM lauds Blue Helmets’ contributions to peace


ISLAMABAD, May 29 (APP):As the world community observed the International Day of UN Peacekeepers on Wednesday, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif paid tribute to their services saying that the UN missions had been critical in maintaining peace and protecting civilians in conflict zones.

According to the United Nations, since 1948, more than two million uniformed and civilian personnel have helped countries in transition from war to peace. Today, more than 70,000 peacekeepers serve in 11 missions deployed in hotspots around the world.

Besides paying tribute to the service and sacrifice of peacekeepers, the Day also honours more than 4,000 peacekeepers who have lost their lives serving for peace.

Prime Minister Shehbaz expressed special gratitude for the Pakistani peacekeepers who had made significant contributions.

“230,000 military personnel, including our brave Pakistani female peacekeepers, have made the nation proud for 64 years of our commitment to the UN peacekeeping. Among these were 181 martyrs who sacrificed their lives for global peace, we also pay tribute to them. Their selfless act of courage and sacrifice will forever be etched in our hearts,” he wrote on his X timeline.

The prime minister reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to its pursuit of peace and justice and to building a future “where peace prevails and humanity thrives.”