Opposition stands divided; Intentions were clear from day one: FM


ISLAMABAD, : Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on

Saturday said that the opposition stands divided and their move to bring

a no-confidence motion against the government will not succeed.

In a statement, Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that the government was ready

to deal with the opposition’s move and it will be defeated in a

convincing manner. “If they had votes they would be in the government,”

he said.

He said that the opposition does not have enough votes and they will now

look here and there to get some votes. “But the question arises here is

what parliamentarians will get after putting their loyalty at stake for

them,” he said.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that bringing a no-confidence move could be

the desire of the opposition but it will not succeed.

The opposition had started its negative activities after 2018 elections

which had exposed their intentions from the day first. They even did not

allow the prime minister to deliver his maiden speech in the assembly,

he added.

The PTI vice-chairman further noted that the opposition had repeatedly

failed in their efforts in the past and declared that they would meet

the same fate again.

Qureshi said “The PTI members of the parliament will strongly resist

such move and defend their captain. The opposition parties would have

been in the government if they had the required votes,” he added.

He said the parliament was passing through the fourth year of its tenure

and the local governments’ elections were underway and under such a

situation, he thought that no politician or a parliamentarian, having a

political grasp, would divert attention from the local bodies polls and

join opposition’s ranks.

Qureshi said the opposition parties lacked unity in their ranks, perhaps

the purported motion of no confidence could be their requirement and

desire and due to a pressure exerted by the pending legal cases.

Earlier, Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) announced to bring a

no-trust move against the government led by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

(PTI) and decided to initiate contacts with the coalition parties.

The summit of the opposition alliance, PDM has decided to bring a

no-trust move against PTI government after making a ground for its

success besides constituting a delegation to contact the ally parties of

the incumbent government.

After chairing the PDM summit meeting, Maulana Fazlur Rehman made the

announcement of bringing a no-trust move. He said that it was not

beneficial to fight with the opposition on two fronts. He added that

everyone needs to show openheartedness for building consensus.

He announced that PDM will complete its homework before bringing the

no-trust move.