Organizer of CSA Expo to promote Pakistani products


KUNMING (China), Dec. 22 : The organizer of China-South Asia Expo(CSA Expo) has planned to hold various special events for each country in specific months.

“Taking Pakistan as an example, they plan to hold Pakistan Week, Pakistani Specialty Food Festival, Pakistani Commodity Promotion Conference, etc.

According to Gwadar Pro, the organizer also plans to arrange domestic and international tour exhibitions, not only to promote Pakistani products throughout China but also to promote Pakistani products to other countries, said Cao Kejian, deputy general manager of ECSAE Trading Co ., Ltd.

The company is currently looking for an organization that can be responsible for the operation of the Pakistan National Image Pavilion.

“We have contacted Pakistan’s Consulate General in Chengdu and many Pakistani companies. Because of the epidemic, the construction of the Pakistan National Image Pavilion is relatively slow.” Cao Kejian said addding there are two kinds of organizations that can operate the National Image Pavilion

He told the Gwadar Pro that their goal is to increase imports from South and Southeast Asian countries to China. In the national image pavilions of 18 countries, high-quality products, enterprises, investment projects and tourism resources introduced to the China-South Asia Expo(CSA Expo) will be presented there throughout the year.

About seeking the support to this effect, he sais one is the consulate general of the country, such as the consulate general of Vietnam. The other is the Chamber of Commerce authorized by the consulate general or government department of the country.

“Authorizations from the Consulate General, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Trade, and Ministry of Tourism are all acceptable.”he said.

This year’s CSA Expo ended last week, while the National Image Pavilions are still in continuous operation. “We hope to extend the 7-day exhibition into a 365-day trade platform, and promote the valuable trade resources on our platform.”

We can provide a platform for mutual exchanges among the 18 South Asia and Southeast Asia countries.”

“The national image pavilion is a center of commodity display, and we also have an online cross border platform called,which is available to customers throughout the world.” Cao Kejian said.

“Admission to the national image pavilion is free. All the decoration costs are on our expense.”Cao Kejian said that the company also cooperates with Kunming customs, Industry and Commerce Bureau and supervision department.

“They can jointly provide support for more convenient customs clearance and logistics. Besides, enterprises in the national image pavilion can also enjoy equally preferential policies for enterprises in the Yunnan Free Trade Zone.”