Outstanding female pioneer active in CPEC-China Power Hub Generation


Islamabad,: Outstanding Pakistani female pioneer Rizwana Ghani has been awarded for an active role in CPEC-China Power Hub Generation, Gwadar Pro reported on Wednesday. 

“It is my great honor to arrange the first capesize vessel of coal to Pakistan. At that time, I had to take the boat to the main vessel by using the towing pulley, which was really an adventure but I finished it independently. By now, China Power Hub Generation (CPHGC) is the only enterprise in Pakistan to import coal via capesize vessel,” Rizwana said proudly, “as one of the Pakistan’s most successful power project with competitive promotion system and cultural harmony of Chinese and Pakistani employees, I feel like a duck to water here.”

Rizwana Ghani, a Senior Manager Fuel Procurement working at the 2×660 MW China Hub Coal Power Plant Project in Lasbela district, Balochistan. She has more than 14 years of industry experience with almost 6 years of experience with the current CPEC project. “In the beginning I was responsible for the insurance and compliance audit. 

The major achievement I made was the placement of project construction insurances to the top insurance companies of China, this was also the first experience in my career to interact with the developed insurance sector in China. 

Secondly, I successfully obtained the dispensation letter issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan. It enabled our CPHGC project to place the insurances directly to international market throughout the 30 years life of the project,” the management talent noted in an exclusive interview with Gwadar Pro.

As a working woman, Rizwana also mentioned the challenges she faced, “during my early working days there were some difficulties. Being Pakistani women, the work scope is limited. Usually, women are not inducted to most technical field. 

But eventually, I gained confidence and skills in technical field like supply chain. Undoubtedly, our project team gave me an equal chance to compete with others.”

After successfully spending her role as an insurance manager, CPHGC gave her a chance to expand her occupational area. Rizwana Ghani joined fuel management department as Manager Fuel Procurement in September 2018 and based on the outstanding performance, she was promoted to Senior Manager Fuel Procurement within just six months.

“Our team has procured more than millions of tons coal from South Africa through Pakistan International Bulk Terminal (PIBT) and Coal Transshipment System. Since CTS is the new concept of coal unloading and transportation, also it is the first and only coal offshore unloading facility in Pakistan, we need to face a series of technical restrictions, meanwhile, changeable weather also means challenges. 

With the support from our senior management, I have been smoothly managing the operations of coal unloading through CTS facility.” Besides, Rizwana has managed to get the coal unloading agreements signed with PIBT and road transportation agreement with the largest transportation company of Pakistan, National Logistics Cell.

In Rizwana’s view, the advancement of her career means that she can contribute more as a member of CPEC project, which is the most meaningful thing. “Thanks to this job, I have visited China several times to experience the coal power plant operations management. 

Since the coal power plant technology is new in Pakistan, we required a lot of education and training. These experiences have broadened my horizons and given me the opportunity to listen, see and feel a different world. 

Moreover, my company has given me the opportunity to do something Pakistani women never had the opportunity to do in the past.” Rizwana recalled, inspired by her experience, many of her family members and acquaintances, especially women, also want to join CPEC projects and work hard for their personal career development and family prosperity, “which is what I am most proud of.”

Rizwana’s tireless efforts soon paid off. “During my career I have been rewarded multiple times by the higher management of our project. And our team has been awarded the best working team award of 2019.” However, compared with personal honor, she always believed that the greater significance of the 2×660 MW China Hub Coal Power Plant Project is to change the status quo of the entire power industry in Pakistan to a certain extent. 

The project can supply 9 billion kWh of electricity every year, meeting the electricity demand of 4 million Pakistani households. “For me, it is not just a power project, actually it is a lifeline of Pakistan’s power sector. With state-of-the-art technology and power units, our project is a gift for my country as it improved the power production of Pakistan in every respect, brining prosperity and technological advancement every day. What’s more, the project has created thousands of jobs to the local people living in the remote region of Balochistan.”

At the end of the interview, Rizwana sincerely spoke her heart out. “I hope to give message to all Pakistani women that if someone has determination to fulfill her dreams in this society then all hurdles can become your ladder to success. Your existence matters. Just dream big and keep working!”