Pak-China legal cooperation: Zoao Law Firm and IIRMR sign MOU

Pak-China legal cooperation: Zoao Law Firm and IIRMR sign MOU

LAHORE, May 28 (DNA): Chinese law Firm Zoao Law Firm has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Pakistan’s Think Tank Institute of International Relations and Media Research (IIRMR), marking the opening of a new window for China-Pakistan cooperation in the legal field.

Under the framework of MOU, IIRMR and Zoao Law Firm will jointly organize seminars, conferences, consultative dialogues, and debates on legal issues.

The other issues include Pakistan jurisprudence, taxation, intellectual properties rights, enterprise legislations, registrations, certifications to sensitize Pakistan law stakeholders and Chinese companies working in Pakistan keeping in view local law paradigms and systems.

They will also collaborate to enhance people-to-people exchange in the area of legal fraternity by exploring untapped law landscape and guidelines.

Zoao Law Firm Managing Director Cheng Deyong told Gwadar Pro that the MOU with IIRMR will break new ground for Pak-China law collaborations. 

“This area remained unexplored over the past several years. Now it is high time to make profound reflection on the legal ecosystem in Pakistan. 

Zoao Law Firm and IIRMR will work side by side to bridge Pakistan legal fraternity with Chinese companies to foster deeper legal connectivity.”

“Under the Belt and Road Initiative, we have provided in-depth legal support and services for Chinese-funded enterprises for their investment and dispute resolution in Pakistan. 

We have also maintained close cooperation with Chinese Embassy & Consulates to provide a full range of in-field cross-border legal services for Chinese entities in Pakistan,” Cheng added.