KARACHI, MAR 23: FPCCI’s Pak UAE Business Council (PUBC) held their first inaugural meeting today under the Chairmanship of Mr Diwan Fakhruddin and announced a new round of initiatives to take the trade relations between Pakistan and UAE to the next level. The meeting was attended by all the members of PUBC. Vice President of FPCCI Mr Nasir Khan graced the meeting with his presence signaling how important it is for FPCCI to spearhead the growth of trade between the two brotherly countries.

“Our relations with UAE are strong and Trade plays a major role in it and we need to now create a new road map to meet the changing needs of the UAE market sectors so as to grow both our exports to and imports from UAE” says Mr Diwan. He also emphasized on the fact that that companies doing business in UAE has to ensure quality and position itself “in building Brand Pakistan so as to effectively compete and enhance our market share in the UAE”.

“FPCCI plays a major role in Pakistan’s economy as export trade is the backbone hence PUBC will play an effective role through creating awareness and motivating FPCCI members to tap the emerging opportunities in UAE particularly in food and technology” said Mr Diwan.

He also announced the following in the meeting:

·         Area of focus # 1: Creating a HELP DESK of PUBC which shall provide all the information and assistance to the Pakistani companies wanting to do business in UAE or importing from UAE.

·         Area of focus # 2: A team shall be created by the Chairman to analyse the trading data between UAE and Pakistan so as to derive necessary business intelligence to create the new roadmap for enhancing the trade between the two countries.

·         Area of focus # 3: How to build Brand Pakistan in UAE workshops and online seminars for the FPCCI members.

·         Area of focus # 4: Ensure we maximise the opportunities arising from Expo 2021 for the FPCCI members through the Pakistan pavilion,

Asia-Pacific has two main hubs for traders; Singapore and UAE. The former is far and trade is relatively expensive there while the latter is closer and trade is quicker making it ideal for Pakistan. We can use this to our advantage and double our export.

The meeting was concluded with emphasis on Expo 2021. Mr. Diwan stated that this can be a gamechanger for Pakistan if we grab all opportunities that it has to offer. Companies and investors from all around the globe will be present and this will be our opportunity to showcase what Pakistan has to offer in terms of IT sector, agriculture, textile, tourism and much more. We urge all manufacturers in Pakistan especially in Gujarat, Sialkot and Gujranwala to participate in this exhibition, introduce themselves and help our economy grow.