FM Qureshi meets the Afghan leadership; tells the region cannot afford instability in Afghanistan

Ansar Bhatti

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister, Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi, has told the political leaders from Afghanistan that Pakistan earnestly wants  a peaceful solution to the Afghan issue.
During the call, the Foreign Minister shared Pakistan’s perspective on the latest situation in Afghanistan. The Foreign Minister highlighted that Pakistan considered all segments of the Afghan society important in the final destiny of Afghanistan. He expressed the hope that the Afghan leaders would take advantage of international support for peace and reconciliation and work together to deal with the evolving situation in Afghanistan in the supreme national interest of the country and according to the aspiration of people.

The Foreign Minister underlined that the region could not afford continued instability in Afghanistan which would impact negatively the objective of a peaceful and connected region. He added that international community’s continued engagement in the efforts for durable peace and stability in Afghanistan would be important as it was a shared responsibility.

Emphasizing that lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan was in Pakistan’s interest, Foreign Minister reaffirmed that Pakistan will continue to play its constructive role to support a peaceful, united and prosperous Afghanistan.

The delegation appreciated the invitation for consultation on the latest situation in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s facilitative role was acknowledged by the political leaders. The delegation emphasized multi-ethnic nature of the Afghan society and the importance o fan inclusive political solution. The delegation also underscored commitment to forge long-term relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan and to expand the fraternal ties in all areas.

The delegation of the Afghan leaders is visiting Pakistan in view of the evolving situation in Afghanistan.