Addresses a press conference; says PM Imran Khan had categorically stated that there was no military solution


RABAT: Pakistan as a responsible member of the international community and also being an immediate neighbor is deeply concerned at the unfolding situation in Afghanistan.

We deem it essential that Afghanistan must move towards peace and stability. We deeply regret the loss of precious lives due to the un-controlled situation at Kabal airport yesterday.

We hope that no further loss of lives nor violent acts will take place and that the human and civil rights of all citizens, especially women and children shall be safeguarded.

Pakistan had always maintained, as repeatedly articulated by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan that there was no military solution to the Afghan situation.

Pakistan over the years has suffered the most from the negative spillover of the conflict in Afghanistan. We expect that in future Afghan soil will not be used to perpetrate terror in Pakistan, and that 3.5 million Afghan refugees will be able to return home with dignity.

Pakistan is fully committed to working with the International community for a negotiated, inclusive, political settlement that will allow Afghanistan peace. This will also allow for much needed regional integration and development.

We note that President Biden in yesterday’s address also underlined many of the same points, emphasizing that governance deficit, corruption, a non inclusive approach and the absence of will characterized the Ghani government.

These are the actual factors that contributed to the collapse of the Ghani regime and created an enabling environment for the Taliban. Any other irresponsible and unfounded assertions, falsely attempting to lay blame elsewhere such as on Pakistan have been laid to rest by President Biden’s address.