Pakistan important partner  of Romania in South Asia: Eduard Preda



ISLAMABAD: Charge d Affaires of Romania Eduard Preda has said his country greatly valued its relations with Pakistan adding this relationship shall further be cemented.

He made these remarks while speaking on the occasion of the National Day of Romania. Prime Minister Advisor on Overseas Pakistani Jawad Sohrab Malik was the chief guest.

Besides, government high ranking officials, military personnel, members and of the civil society and media attended the reception in large number.

Eduard Preda further said National Day is a moment of remembrance of the historical act of December 1st, 1918, representing a fundamental landmark for all Romanians, at home and abroad, an opportunity to reaffirm the national consciousness and unity, the vision and fundamental objectives of the Romanian nation.

He added, this day is a symbol of our solidarity in the face of all the difficulties we have faced as a nation, which we have overcome and will continue to overcome, with confidence in our own strength, through common efforts and trust in the future we are building together.

‘The history of Romania, like that of Europe, is not like a triumphal march and has never been always a luminous succession of happy events. On the contrary, Romania’s history has been marked by numerous crises and difficult stages, which have often threatened the very lives of the people, our freedom, the identity of communities and the very existence of our state. Our forefathers lived through wars, faced natural disasters, endured famine, survived periods of severe social tension and were victims of the darkest political regimes. Their determination, courage, capacity for sacrifice and will to live in freedom and peace made it possible for them to overcome all these difficult trials, despite almost unimaginable challenges.’

He said, each year, the anniversary of the Great Union is giving us the opportunity to honour the memory of the sacrifices Romanians made for laying the foundation of the modern Romania, which ultimately placed us in the midst of the great European family. The end of the First World War and the armistice concluded in 1918, represents a crucial moment in the history of mankind causing deep changes both in international relations, and at socio-cultural level.

‘We, in Romania and in Europe, will always remember that over a million soldiers from South Asia had fought courageously and heroically in different battle fields of the WWI and 60.000 of them, mostly from today Pakistani Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, had paid the ultimate price in defending the ideals of peace, freedom, liberty, dignity, democracy and fundamental human rights. Today we pay tribute and honour them as much as we honour our heroes!

Eduard Preda added, National Day has a special significance for Romania’s diplomatic missions and consular offices, contributing to the promotion of Romanian cultural identity and the development of ties with Romanian communities in host countries.

Talking about bilateral relations he said,  Romania and Pakistan enjoy very good bilateral relations and Pakistan represents an important partner for Romania in the South Asian region. We acknowledge Pakistan’s efforts in fighting terrorism, militancy and radical extremism and hope that these endeavours will continue to be an important part of international war on terror. We are eager to work hard for taking forward the bilateral agenda, as well as the cooperation within the EU-Pakistan framework and in multilateral formats, especially in the UN.

Moreover, we are engaged to improve the current status of Romania-Pakistan relations, characterized by friendship and collaboration and the new dynamism witnessed in the recent years that rendered a fruitful political dialogue, reflecting a clear desire of both states for developing a pragmatic relationship in fields of mutual interests, he concluded.