Pakistan investment conference on Feb 10 in Jeddah: Khurshid Barlas

Khurshid Barlas

KARACHI, Oct 28 (DNA): Chairman of Pakistan Association of Exhibition
Industry Khurshid Barlas along with Convener Exhibition Fahad Barlas met
Air Sial Chairman Fazal Jilani at his head office in Sialkot.

During the meeting, Khurshid Barlas said that the Pakistan Investment
Conference is going to be organized on February 10, 2024 in the city of
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a press statement said here Saturday.

The purpose of the Pakistan Investment Conference is to introduce the
opportunities of medical tourism, hospitality projects, dairy and
agriculture, information technology in the lucrative market of Saudi

The conference will be an important milestone in Pak-Saudi relations to
increase investment in businessmen, investors and tourism and medical
projects. Aviation industry in Pakistan has grown in the last few years.
Growing domestic tourism has also encouraged the launch of new private

The event will establish a strong foothold in the Saudi market, the real
estate business community and companies from other sectors will have
opportunities to directly address questions through discussions with
potential investors.

During the conversation Air Sial Chairman Fazal Jilani assured that he
will participate in the Pakistan Investment Conference in Jeddah.And as
the official airline will also be a part of your team. Finally, Chairman
Pakistan Exhibition Khurshid Barlas also presented the shield to
Chairman Air Sial Fazal Jilani on behalf of Pakistan Association of
Exhibition Industry. On this occasion, Convener Exhibition Fahad Barlas
is also accompanied.