Pakistan least-testing country among top infected ones: Policy Pak



ISLAMAVBAD: Pakistan stands at number 31 by total number of COVID-19 infections until now, but conducts the least number of tests per million population among all these top 31 infected nations, says a research conducted by Policy Pak – an Islamabad based policy research organization. 

According to this research, as of March 27, there are 32 nations in the world having more than 6,00,000 (six hundred thousands) infections and Pakistan stands at number 31, with 6,49,824 total infections since start of the pandemic. Till this day, Pakistan has conducted 44,733 tests per million of population. All other nations among top 32 infected nations conducted more tests per million of population than Pakistan, although Indonesia and Mexico conducted tests just above Pakistan’s with 45,069 and 46,223 tests respectively per million of their populations.

Within top 32 nations, apart from Pakistan, Indonesia and Mexico; the Philippines has conducted the least number of tests with around 90,000 tests per million. All other 28 countries conducted more than 1,00,000 tests per million population.

The research further explores that among top 60 most impacted nations with over 2,00,000 (two hundred thousand) infections, Pakistan is second least testing nation as Bangladesh trails behind Pakistan with over 27,000 tests per million of population. Even Nepal has conducted almost double tests than those of Pakistan with over 75000 tests per million of its population.

All of Pakistan’s direct neighbours except Afghanistan – India, Iran, China and Oman (maritime neighbour) have conducted way more tests than Pakistan, the research finds. In case of Afghanistan, total number of infections is insignificant by global prevalence, with just over 50,000 infections till date.