Pakistan lose to France in Nations Cup hockey

Nations Cup hockey


Pakistan to play against New Zealand in semi final on June 8

WARSAW, JUN 5: Pakistan lost to France by 6-5 in the National Cup hockey tournament. Pakistan was down in the first two quarters however in the 3rd and 4th quarter they staged a comeback.

At one time the score was 5-5 equal but then France took lead when it scored a goal on penalty corner.

Pakistan played poorly in the first two quarters and conceded unnecessary penalty corners. The forward line performed poor also thus putting extra burden on the defence line.

Star players Rana Waheed and Shahid unfortunately could not perform well.

The Pakistan goalkeeper Abdullah put up a dismal performance as usual. He conceded straight goals. During the entire game he remained absent thus providing the French attackers with ample chances of goal scoring.

Pakistan qualifies for the semi-final on the basis of a better score average.