Pakistan participates in Special Virtual Session of D-8 Commissioners


ISLAMABAD, Aug 16 (DNA): A Special Session of the D-8 Commission,
co-chaired by Turkey (as current chair) and Bangladesh (as incoming
chair), was held virtually.

The session was attended by D-8 Commissioners/Representatives and the
D-8 Secretary General. Director General EC&OIC Tariq Karim participated
in the meeting as Pakistan’s Commissioner for the D-8, the Foreign
Office said on Sunday.

In his remarks, the D-8 Secretary General Dato’ Ku Jaafar Ku Shaari
updated Member States on the activities and initiatives of the

He informed about the steps taken by the Secretariat and D-8 Health and
Social Protection programme office (D-8 HSP) in order to provide support
and strengthen cooperation among Member States in response to the
Covid-19 crisis.  The Secretary General also updated on the status of
various D-8 projects/ initiatives.

The meeting discussed various issues related to preparations for the
10th D-8 Summit to be held in Dhaka. The D-8 Commissioner for Bangladesh
briefed on the programme and events being planned for the next Summit.

In his interventions, Pakistan’s Commissioner for the D-8 Mr. Tariq
Karim appreciated efforts to organize the Special Session of the D-8.
Highlighting unprecedented global health and economic challenges posed
by Covid-19, he stated that “smart lockdown” policy and other measures
taken by the government have led to a significant improvement in the
pandemic situation in Pakistan with notable reduction in new cases and
fatality rate.

He highlighted the Prime Minister’s major initiatives to combat the
pandemic including $8 billion relief package for vulnerable groups;
Ehsas Emergency Cash Program; and “Global Initiative on Debt Relief” for
developing countries. He expressed Pakistan’s readiness to enhance
international cooperation to combat the pandemic.

While speaking on the occasion, Mr. Tariq Karim also apprised the
participants of the worsening human rights and humanitarian situation in
Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) in the wake of
year-long inhuman military siege, communication blackout, and egregious
violations of human rights.

He stated that despite widespread international condemnation, the Indian
occupation forces continued to brutalize and disenfranchise the

He stressed the importance of the world community and brotherly nations
taking steps to alleviate sufferings of the Kashmiri people and to
promote the realization of their inalienable right to

Pakistan is a founding member and key contributor to the D-8 activities.
Other members include Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Nigeria and Turkey. DNA