Pakistan Post warns customers of parcel tracking scams

Pakistan Post warns customers of parcel tracking scams

ISLAMABAD, MAY 24 (DNA) — In a bid to safeguard its customers from potential scams and fraudulent activities, Pakistan Post has issued a stern warning, urging them to exercise caution when tracking their parcels. With the proliferation of online platforms claiming to offer tracking services, the national postal service has emphasized the importance of exclusively utilizing its official website,, for all tracking endeavors.

Emphasizing on the authenticity of its digital presence, Pakistan Post has made it unequivocally clear that any other website or link purporting to provide tracking services is entirely independent of its operations. This proactive measure seeks to shield customers from falling prey to malicious entities seeking to exploit unsuspecting individuals.

Furthermore, Pakistan Post also shed light on its operational procedures regarding duty and tax collection, underscoring the absence of an online system or call center designated for such transactions. Customers are duly cautioned against engaging with any online links, phone calls, or digital payment platforms purportedly associated with tracking orders. The risks associated with unauthorized transactions through cash apps or credit/debit cards are explicitly highlighted, urging customers to exercise vigilance and discretion.

In the wake of escalating cyber threats and fraudulent schemes, Pakistan Post has assumed a proactive stance, issuing a clarion call for heightened awareness and diligence among its clientele. The ramifications of falling victim to fraudulent transactions could be dire, potentially resulting in financial losses and compromised personal information.

As a beacon of trust and reliability in the realm of postal services, Pakistan Post said it remains committed to fostering a secure and transparent environment for its customers. The advisory underscores the imperative of adhering to prescribed protocols and utilizing official channels for all tracking-related activities. — DNA