Pakistan seeks Afghan cooperation to finalize Besham attack investigation


KABUL, MAY 31: During a recent visit to Kabul, the Pakistani delegation headed by the Secretary Interior, Muhammad Khurram Agha, presented findings regarding the Besham attack to Afghan officials, as stated by Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The delegation met with Mohammad Nabi Omari, the Deputy Minister of Interior of the Islamic Emirate, requesting assistance in identifying the perpetrators of the attack.

“In the meeting, which focused on the terror attack of 26 March 2024 at Besham, the Secretary Interior shared the findings of the Government of Pakistan into the Besham attack and sought Afghanistan’s assistance in apprehending the perpetrators,” the statement reads.

Furthermore, the statement indicated that Afghan officials vowed to cooperate in concluding these investigations, and both sides concurred on the necessity of joint efforts to counter terrorist threats.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Spokesperson of the U.S. Department of State, Vedant Patel, remarked that the United States is engaged in discussions with Pakistani leaders regarding counter-terrorism efforts.

Vedant Patel said in a press briefing: “We are in regular communication with Pakistani leaders as part of our counterterrorism issues, and we’re going to continue to discuss regional security in detail, including through high-level engagements, working-level engagements, and other extensive bilateral consultations as well.”

Earlier, the Ministry of Interior of the Islamic Emirate also stated in a press release that Deputy Minister Mohammad Nabi Omari, in a meeting with the Pakistani delegation, emphasized that everyone should pay attention to the security of their regions and that “instead of diverting issues, true cooperation should be facilitated.”

On March 26, a suicide bombing in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Besham area killed five Chinese nationals and a Pakistani citizen.