Pakistan seeks to emulate Chinese economic model: PM Shehbaz

Shehbaz Sharif

ISLAMABAD, JUN 4: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has expressed Pakistan’s keen interest in learning from China’s economic model to bolster its own economic growth, trade, and investment ties.

Speaking in an interview with China Media Group representatives, the Prime Minister emphasized the strategic importance of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and its transition into a new phase of high-quality development, which has significantly advanced Pakistan’s scientific and technological landscape.

“Pakistan is eager to increase its exports by leveraging China’s vast experiences,” PM Sharif stated, highlighting the benefits of the bilateral cooperation that has already spurred growth in various sectors.

He underscored the necessity for Chinese companies to invest in Pakistan, advocating for joint ventures with Pakistani firms to foster mutual economic benefit.

PM Sharif revealed plans to establish Special Economic Zones (SEZs) within Pakistan, starting with the first zone at Pakistan Steel Mills. This site, strategically located near the port and connected by rail, is poised to become a hub for economic activity.

He extended invitations to Chinese provinces and enterprises to participate in these SEZs, promoting joint ventures as a pathway to shared prosperity.

In the realm of agriculture, PM Shehbaz highlighted Pakistan’s intent to utilize China’s advanced agricultural technology to enhance production and export capacity.

“By adopting China’s agricultural innovations, we aim to boost our agricultural output and thereby increase our exports,” he said.

The premier reiterated the steadfast and enduring nature of Pakistan-China relations, referring to the nations as “iron brothers” whose friendship is both timeless and deeply rooted.

He expressed profound gratitude for China’s unwavering support during Pakistan’s challenging times, declaring China as Pakistan’s most reliable ally on the global stage.

Reaffirming Pakistan’s adherence to the One China principle, PM Sharif assured that this commitment remains firm and unwavering. He lauded China’s remarkable transformation into a global power, attributing it to visionary leadership, relentless hard work, and persistent efforts.

“All doubts about the Chinese model have been dispelled by the unequivocal evidence of history,” he asserted.