ISLAMABAD, AUG 21 /DNA/ – The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Saturday said the US and European Union are not engaging the Taliban in dialogue but pressurizing them which is condemnable.

The efforts of the US and EU to cripple Afghanistan economically and isolate it are aimed at destabilizing the new government which will also damage all regional countries, it said.

The attitude of China and Russia is praiseworthy at this critical juncture who are extending cooperation to the new government which enjoys the support of the people.

Taliban’s government has saved the western borders of Pakistan and enabled it to focus extensively on threats from the eastern border which is a big relief, Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President PEW.

It has also paved the way for Pakistani goods to reach Central Asian and Russian markets while it will bring all regional countries closer, he added.

Change in Afghanistan will also help China extend CPEC to boost regional economies while it has wasted Indian investment worth billions of dollars and New Delhi will continue to lick its wounds for decades, he observed.

Dr. Murtaza Mughal said that the positive attitude of Taliban has averted a civil was which has disappointed their enemies while the US reputation has been damaged due to a historic defeat.

The US has lost around 2.1 trillion dollars in the longest war but it will have to spend almost the same amount on the welfare of the families deceased troops, disabled military men, and other matters linked to the war which its economy cannot afford.

War was a complete humiliation that will be disastrous for the US economy and reputation, he said.

America is now seen as a superpower in quick decline and its catastrophic defeat in Afghanistan will have major implications across the world.

It brings into question the competence of its political and military leadership, and its reliability and commitment many countries will not trust its judgments in other areas.